We embrace change to create
360° Value everywhere

One Vision Group is a leading global agency network covering all disciplines of Marketing Communications, Experience, Business and Digital Strategy. The Management Committee is committed to ensuring a strong and effective corporate governance system is in place to support the successful implementation of the company’s strategy. We invest in our clients’ futures, create inclusive work environments, and build a culture based on the values ​​of openness, optimism and commitment to work excellence. We use our creativity, our connections and our scale to help build a more sustainable and just world. We bring together brilliant people, unparalleled skills and extraordinary creativity to create transformative outcomes for our clients.

The Board of Directors shares responsibility for driving the success of One Vision Group by directing and overseeing policy and strategy, and is accountable to shareholders for the company’s financial and operational performance and risk management. One Vision Group’s Executive Committee is responsible for leading the company and implementing its strategy. Its members lead One Vision Group’s largest operating companies and core corporate functions.


We are on a journey towards a sustainable future in marketing and communications.
We have a social responsibility to cooperate with our partners and customers to provide our customers and target groups with environmentally friendly solutions and products. We are committed to empowering people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds so everyone can be successful. We are committed to taking action every day in support of racial and ethnic equality. We create an accessible, inclusive environment where all of our employees can belong and thrive. We celebrate the incredible impact people make when they have the opportunity to put their heart and soul into their work.


We want to expand our business. But we recognise that long-term success is only achieved if we are able to add value to our lives while acting responsibly towards the environment and the communities we are part of. But at the same time offering the best and most cost-effective service with an eye to our customers’ needs.

We are working closely with our IT and sofwere developer who is constantly working on enhancing our sustainable digital platforms. We expect to be CO-2 neutral by mid 2023, thanks to our talented team. To learn more about our sustainable and future projects, you can dive into our reports. The first report will be released this September.


Our purpose and commitment drive our innovative activities and other services, help deliver 360-degree value and ensure we act as responsible corporate citizens. We create an environment that frees the minds of our employees, empowers them to perform at their best, and supports a culture where everyone feels equal opportunity, belonging, and career advancement. This commitment begins at the highest levels of our Board of Directors and committees. We expect leaders at all levels to help create and maintain a culture of equality where everyone can thrive. Our areas of focus include gender, race, LGBTIQ+, religion, disability and intercultural diversity.


A career is about what you want to be and who you want to be. Its about bringing your skills, inquisitiveness and best true self to your work. This is where you’ll combine your ingenuity with the latest technology to create incredible things.

Let’s create positive, long-lasting change together.