The foundation of One Vision Group’s success is built on a tradition of employee integrity and professionalism that aspires to its founders who believe in ethical, honest and trustworthy leadership. We address the needs of B2B2C audiences by delivering experiences that fit any real-world need and bring business, marketing, communications, technology solutions and forward-thinking projects to life. We develop hybrid digital strategies for millennials and Gen Z: from the production of video content to the activation of influencer marketing campaigns, from the creation of new brand identities to the development of high-tech products, we aim to provide solutions that meet the tastes of the new generation. We know how to engage a new generation and create short formats and videos that bring brands and agencies closer to their world. We make each story unique and activate our online community of influencers and talent to amplify the effectiveness of each message.

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One Vision Group Investor Relations

We are a world leader in the design and production of multimedia content and essential marketing strategies. The purpose of One Vision Group Investor Relations is to establish, build and develop valuable relationships with new and existing investors and analysts. At One Vision Group, we strive to preserve our valuable relationships through transparency and openness. On our website you will find relevant, accurate and reliable information about the group’s two issuing entities – One Vision Group Corporation.


We want to expand our business together with our investors. Long-term success can only be achieved when we can add value to our lives while acting responsibly for the environment and the communities to which we belong. But at the same time provide the best and most cost-effective service, while paying attention to the needs of the customer.

We work closely with IT and software developers who are continually working to improve our sustainable digital platform. Thanks to our talented team, we expect to be carbon neutral by mid-2023. To learn more about our sustainable and future projects, read our report in depth. The first report will be released in September of this year. This is an ambitious plan for our company, developed by the Board of Directors and our investors.


Becoming a global leader in sustainability means meeting the highest ESG standards and maintaining high performance at scale. Sustainability is a means of adding value. Our products treat sustainability as an integral part of achieving business goals. We have built sustainability into everything we do and design from the start. We create impact and provide solutions for all the communities where we work and live around the world. Our investors are passionate about our business model and our vision to support the company’s green climate initiatives.


In recent years, One Vision Group has launched several initiatives aimed at further developing sustainable business for all clients. As always, our focus is on making conscious long-term decisions for the benefit of all. Many ambitions, plans and visions have been realized and implemented, and new ones are on the way. Everything is for the benefit of customers and the global community. We work with local and international organizations to raise and donate money for the fight against cancer and for Ukrainian children and families affected by the war in Ukraine. We would like to thank our investors and partners who have helped us raise funds for these projects. This is a social responsibility in itself, and we take it seriously.